woopsie... i forgorrr

ok i forgot like one time... well, anyway, on with your opinionated self updates:


Lexaloffle (creator of popular fantasy console PICO-8) has released picotron! I've been following the development for a while now... and as soon as it released i mashed that buy button... And it looks pretty cool so far, I've been messing around with it a little, a couple test programs, it's more of a fantasy workstation than a console as they say in the 'marketing' and it kinda shows, it's way more open to edit it's inner workings and such, and essentially each part of the system is just a lua script that you can open and edit (in picotron of course!) And seeing as it does seem to be capable of web connections... one idea i have is absolutely a gemini browser, gemini plus picotron, match made in heaven.


I've been messing around with L-systems recently, and for those of you that don't know, they're essentially a way of rewriting a string based on a set of rules such as:

variables: A B

rules: A-> AB , B-> A

so if we start with just A:






and so on and so on, which can result in (once you write some code to visualise them, some really cool plant like shapes (a lot of them also make fractal type shapes, but plants are cooler in my opinion)

So anyway, the extent of my messing about has basically been to make a little system for generating the L system, then a visualization system to make those cool plant shapes, pretty fun if you ask me.