a little late, but i was climbing, ok?


I went to the el chorro climbing area in spain, lovely, great climbing, had loads of fun (and saw some great vultures, lizards and other wildlife), also went to granada and went in the cathedral, holy crap is it filled with gold, just gold, everywhere... modesty guys? Can kinda see what Martin Luther was talking about.

New obsession: Jean Giraud/ Moebius

Just wanted to share the greatest comic artist of all time (in my opinion), who is of cause Jean Giraud if you haven't heard of him before. If you look up his art, it's beautiful (and inspired a lot of Studio Ghibli stuff if you saw a similarity!). Anyway this has all inspired me to try and improve my artist skills again, so yeah, comic art is cool, especially Moebius's

World idea

I've been thinking about this planet/world building project (mainly as a setting for a possible game or something) with a large desert (possibly an oasis either pole) and a sort of hourglass sea going round it, where people get around on sort of hover boats, still thinking about it, probably won't go anywhere, but i might explore it further.