undescriptive title here (i forgor friday again).

Hiiii I'm back, with another totally regular and high quality gemlog entry.

Going climbing

Just a little personal update, but I'm going to Spain to go climbing for a week, should be fun (had to buy an extra long rope so it better be).

The Right Wing approach and thing yeah...

So, it always seems like the right is on the rise, and I'm kinda worried about it. I also see all these antifaschist demonstrations in Germany etc... and i think, will this help? Is shouting at a right wing person that they're a faschist going to help? I don't know, it doesn't seem like it would, but we have tried reasoning with them right? Debating? Sure it's unlikely that it'll work either, but more likely than shouting at them. So that's kinda my point, abandoning the moral high ground just because you can't be bothered probably won't have the desired affect that most people seem to think it would have.


I recently got factorio, it's very fun (i didn't like the bugs tho, so i turned them off...) it's a great game, my main goal at the moment is to try and get trains (trains a love trans are life, and also one of the main reasons i bought the game)