uhhhhh i kinda forgot on friday, but hey, im doing it now :)

Game Jam

Cool update now i guess, me and my friend joined a month long game jam... on the last 5 days, which is... somewhat limiting, but it's been fun. We're using the Godot game engine, just because of time wise it would be easier to already have a whole game engine. Godot is probably my favorite, main stream? engine (out of the big 3 godot, unity, unreal) i kinda like lower level stuff like raylib and bevy. But onto the gamejam, it's the bossrush game jam, and the game we've been making is a sort of high speed, well bossrush.

Movies i watched recently

Just yesterday i watched American Fiction, which is just... so good, honestly incredible, just very funny and a sort of interesting question about how representation works and the sort of general attitude around race and other problems in society.