an idea (of a sort of decentralized vrchat type game)

If you've ever heard of vrchat, or something similar, you might know what i am thinking of, but my idea is much more... different... it also involves torrents, but more on that later.

I think it would be interesting to create a sort of decentralized, people host their own servers game like vrchat, the basic idea being hosted custom worlds, with people connecting and using custom avatars, etc...

Now i don't know how vrchat works under the hood, but i was thinking, surely one way you could easily distribute custom avatars is through a torrent system? anybody with the avatar saved to their client would then host the avatar for someone to download, and if avatars have to be copied from other people, or have to be hosted on the same server as your world, then you're always guaranteed a seed.

In terms of other systems, i have no idea how it work, friends, socializing? idk, hell, it could even be integrated with fediverse through some strange way.

The other big thing in this hypothetical open vrchat, is custom content creation, i feel (personally), that ease of use and creation would be crucial, an easy map editor and avatar importer (available on all desktop platforms) would be nice.

well, that's all i have to say about that dumb idea, feel free to contact me somehow and so long, space cowboy.