Haiii, this is the second of these gemlogs, i think i'll try and do one of these every friday or so, that sounds pretty epic... so what have i been up to?


I've started working through the rustlings course thingy and It's soooo good, seriously if you've done a little video intro or something and have the basics down of rust, best thing to move on to, the tasks are fun and interesting, and it doesn't do to much hand holding, plus it's all essentially automatic, just run the program, edit the files (in an editor of your choice!!!!) and save, it auto reloads them, and checks if you've got it to run correctly, then you move on by deleting "IM NOT DONE", easy peasy.


I had exams for a couple weeks till today (being the last one), just prelims, but still a little stressful.

a friend's game project

A while ago a friend invited me to work on a game/game engine project with him in c++, i naturally accepted, though my input has been minimal so far, slowly trying to build up an understanding of how the hell c++ works... which has been going ok, but i hope to pick up the slack soonish, and hopefully we can make some proper progress

ps i nearly forgot to do this so hopefully i don't forget next time :Þ